C Major II Demonstrations

Go Down Moses

Go Down Moses (16 measures)

This melody is in Mode VI of the major scale (called the Aeolian or minor scale), and is accompanied with chords Am I, Dm IV, and E7 V7. The melody alternates with and without accompanying chords, as in the call-and-response style of singing. Some hand changes and minimum coordination allow a player to focus on using different keyboard positions.

Morning Has Broken in C Major II

Morning Has Broken (24 measures)

This melody serves as an exercise for a repeated 3 measure rhythm pattern with contrasting block and broken chords. The right hand has several changes with the left hand in C position.

The Third Bach Chorale

The Third Bach Chorale (14 measures)

For a coordination challenge with two simultaneous melodic lines requiring several changes in both hands in Mode VI of the major scale (called the Aeolian or minor scale).



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