F Major II Demonstrations

O Sole Mio in F Major II

O Sole Mio (12 measures)

**NEW** For using free rhythm and varying dynamics in a melody with partial chords and several hand changes in a mostly four octave range, accompanied by left-hand octave shifts from root notes to broken or block chords F, Bb Bbm and C7 in F position.

Shenandoah in F Major II

Shenandoah (14 measures)

**NEW** For using varying dynamics in a melody with both partial and full chords and several hand changes, accompanied by left hand octave shifts from root notes to broken or block chords F, Am, Bb, Bbm, C7 and Dm mostly in F position.

Chopin Melody in F Major II

Chopin Melody (15 measures)

**NEW** For developing a legato or smooth style with varying dynamics and rhythm in a melody requiring several hand changes, coordinated with an accompaniment of mostly eighth note broken chords F, F7, G7, Gm7-5 (GBbDbF), Am, A7, Bb, Bbm, C, C7 and Dm in F position. 

El Condor Pasa in F Major II

El Condor Pasa (24 measures)

**NEW** For using nearly a four octave keyboard range with a melody in Mode VI of the major scale (called the Aeolian or minor scale) requiring several hand changes, accompanied with F and Dm chords and single note patterns in D position in addition to some lower chord root notes.



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