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Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Like so many, this past year has thrown dozens of curve balls my way. Beyond the economic pinch, has been the pressure and isolation of social distancing. For so many it has meant stepping back from friends, family and their entire community.

It has meant putting dreams and passions on the back burner, and I almost saw my life long dream of making piano and keyboard accessible to the public go up in smoke.

In late 2017, I published “Classroom Keyboard: Play and Create Melodies with Chords,” a tested and sound curriculum for teaching keyboard and piano to the general public in a group setting. My goal to “Enjoy Making Music” in writing this book was to enable students to gain an understanding of the basic elements of music and to play the keyboard creatively within a limited time period. I wanted students to learn music like we first learn to talk before we read, the pedagogical principle of “sound before sight.”

Jump forward to Fall 2020 and music lessons have gone flat across the country. There are limited options to meet the new challenges. For example, software has been developed for online teaching of “virtual” classes and piano.

What does it mean for enthusiasts, professionals, and educators?

We must rethink, redo and reinvent the wheel, at least turn it a little.

For me personally, this has meant creating a new website called Keyboard Cosmos to download FREE practice arrangements of authentic melodies that improve rhythm coordination, use a fuller keyboard range, and provide experience with different keys in shorter pieces. In addition to a video demonstration of each selection, the sheet music includes a fully notated arrangement, a lead sheet version, and a rhythm exercise. A video for beginner instruction is also provided.

I am proud to have finally launched my learning website. I invite you to explore it, watch a few demonstrations, download some materials, take it for a test spin, send us some feedback too. (email:

I also encourage you to please sign up to our email list using the form below so we can notify you as we add content, make enhancements and create new resources.

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